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Fall Protection Systems Built to Save Lives in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for Sale through Speedsafe

In industries where workers frequently find themselves working on roofs, with steep drops in every direction, sloping roofs leading to edges and slippery surfaces where one false step could lead to injury or death, fall protection is arguably the most important consideration to be make. Quite simply, working on roofs is a dangerous job. Luckily, companies like Speedsafe Australia have dedicated themselves over the years to offering fall protection systems for sale to roofers, carpenters, construction workers or other businesses that generate income by ...read more.

Attention Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane: Height Safety Rails for Sale from Speedsafe

The greatest and longest-lasting companies are the ones that show a constant willingness to evolve and to adopt an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ mentality. In the early 2000s, Apple Computers unleashed the iPod, changing the way that people around the world consumed and listened to music. Over the ensuing decade, the company made fundamental change after fundamental change to their flagship portable music player, never being afraid to consider customer suggestions or incorporate new features that ...read more.

Roof Edge Protection for Sale in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

Speedsafe Australia is a business that prides itself on being one of the leading designers and distributors for roof safety systems and roof edge protection in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and throughout Australia. We offer roof edge protection for sale to all manner of markets, from industrial construction outfits to independent residential dwellers looking to improve their roof or make repairs to the exterior of their home. We recognise that working on roofs and at heights can be a nerve-wracking and dangerous experience, and our state of the art ...read more.

Speedsafe Offers Multiple Roof Guardrail Systems for Sale in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Other Australian Markets

Speedsafe Australia didn’t become the leading designer and distributor for roof guardrail systems in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and throughout Australia by simply resting on the laurels of a single product. On the contrary, Speedsafe Australia has dedicated itself over the years to developing a number of terrific roof safety products and applications, each built for protecting roofers, carpenters, construction workers and other professionals who operate frequently in a dangerous roof environment. From commercial applications to residential ones, from fall protection to slip safeguards, Speedsafe’s arsenal of ...read more.

For Sale: Roof Safety Rails Increase Productivity in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

For different industries, there are many blocks to productivity and quality of work. In the construction, roofing or carpentry industries, however, productivity and work time are most frequently lost as a result of safety hazards and other dangers in the workplace. Quite simply, construction workers and roofers consistently find themselves working in potentially unsafe conditions, from a construction site that is extremely loud to a roof replacement project without any roof safety rails to ...read more.

For Sale: Roof Safety Rails Increase Productivity in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

A roof safety system can mean the difference between life and death. Construction, repair, renovation and utility workers consistently find themselves working in environments of soaring heights and sharp drops. The roof guardrail systems designed by companies like Speedsafe Australia are built to make those traditionally dangerous work environments as safe as they can possibly be. From roof safety systems in Melbourne to roof safety systems in Sydney and beyond, Speedsafe Australia is a company that believes in giving roof workers the safety and security they ...read more.

Roofing Safety Rails for Sale: Make Sure Your Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne Roofing Company is Taking Proper Safety Precautions

Picture this scenario: your home’s roof has been damaged by years of rain and simple decay, and you finally have the money to support a full re-roofing job. You begin looking for a company that handles roofing services, and settle on a well-rated outfit located just outside of Brisbane. The roofers come to your house and get to work on the roof, but as you watch them performing their work, it strikes you just how unsafe the process looks. The roofers you hired are not using roofing safety rails for your Sydney-based home, and you are getting ...read more.

For Sale: Speedsafe Builds Longevity into Safety Rails for Roofs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

Too often in the modern consumerist world, companies make active attempts to reduce the longevity of their products. This process, called ‘planned obsolescence,’ is a way for businesses to essentially sell the same product to the same customers over and over again. The idea is that a person will buy a product and use it and enjoy it for a couple years. Once the product has aged a bit – usually once it is right outside of its manufacturer’s warranty – it will break and the owner will suddenly be in the market to replace it. If all goes according to plan for the original company, that person will return and ...read more.

Why choose our Roof Safety Guardrail?

  1. Speedsafe roof edge protection offers clients a superior product of the highest quality made in Australia by metal fabrication Tradespeople.
  2. Our staff have many years’ experience not only in the height safety industry but also real on-site experience as roofers and carpenters solving safety problems.
  3. Our systems are constantly evolving from feedback and consultation with you the client in an effort to maintain very high customer service standards that we take pride in.
  4. Your business and its productivity is our business and Speedsafe assures you that valuable time is never lost.
  5. When you own any of our systems, you can diversify the use by adding other components and brackets cheaply rather than meeting the expense of a whole new system.
  6. We guarantee our products will perform the task they were designed to for many years quickly and efficiently so you can get your job done.


  • 100% Australian made quality
  • Fully interchangeable between our many brackets
  • A system for every situation
  • Expanding range of new brackets & accessories
  • Full 3 meter spans between posts
  • Light Weight for transportation & storage
  • No tools required for installation
  • Multipurpose systems do more than one application
  • Meets strictest safety regulations in mining sites.
  • Speedsafe will be here for the long haul.

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